27 Mar 2024

The Importance of Proper Asbestos Abatement

Proper asbestos abatement in the commercial and industrial markets is of utmost importance for several critical reasons, primarily centered around the safety of your property, the well-being of all involved, and ensuring compliance with all federal regulations.

20 Jan 2023

The Story of Eagle Environmental

Set apart by a legacy of trust, compliance, and exceptionally positive client experiences, Eagle Environmental Consulting, Inc. (Eagle) is the go-to partner for many of Colorado’s most prominent upstream oil and gas companies, regional retail petroleum marketers, and local real estate developers.

21 Dec 2022

Underground Storage Tanks (UST): The Importance of Compliance

The EPA defines a UST as “a tank and any underground piping connected to the tank that has at least 10 percent of its combined volume underground.”

28 Nov 2022

The Story of Iowa Demolition

Iowa Demolition, an EIS company, has been solving clients’ environmental and demolition problems throughout the Midwest for a decade. However, their story began long before that.

08 Nov 2022

Water Remediation: How EIS Helps Restore Contaminated Environments

When harmful materials contaminate a water system, action must be taken right away. The well-being of nature, people, businesses, and entire communities are at stake.  

01 Nov 2022

The Story of Potomac Abatement, LLC

A member of the EIS family since 2020, Potomac Abatement provides a full suite of environmental services focused on asbestos and lead abatement, mold remediation, and  interior and exterior demolition for some of the Mid-Atlantic’s most high-profile government agencies and private companies.

16 Sep 2022

The Story of Simpson Environmental Services

For over two decades, the Simpson Environmental Services, LLC (SES) team has been gladly taking on the totality of their clients’ environmental concerns, no matter the challenges.

02 Sep 2022

Soil Remediation: How EIS Cleans Up “Dirty Dirt”

Contaminated soil, sometimes referred to as “dirty dirt”, is a serious problem facing many communities across the U.S. It’s caused by hazardous materials (often asbestos, petroleum and its by-products, lead, PCBs, coal ash, and other types of toxins) entering the soil over time.

25 Aug 2022

The Story of Snyder Environmental

Snyder’s geographical reach, bandwidth, and capabilities have expanded drastically since their 2001 founding. They’ve developed into a full-service company, now providing a wide range of transformative abatement, remediation, and environmental services to their long-standing client partners.

18 Aug 2022

The Story of Earth Services & Abatement

Earth Services & Abatement (ESA) is a long-standing, family-owned business that’s found success through their unwavering character and impact-driven mentality. From their early origins all the way to the present, ESA has focused on the things that truly matter.

21 Jul 2022

Environmental remediation is transformative. But it all starts with the right partner.

Environmental remediation may sound complicated, but the impact is easy to see: Healthier communities. Stronger economies. Revitalized environments. And amazing new possibilities for our partners and clients.

05 Jul 2022

The Story of EIS

The EIS family of companies is on a critical mission to support safe and clean communities nationwide, by carrying out important environmental and infrastructure work. We’re powered by our experience, and we’re driven by our purpose. This is our story.