Storage Tank Services

An Underground Storage Tank (UST) can contain hazardous materials such as petroleum that can contaminate soil and groundwater if the tank is leaking, posing a threat to the local environment. Property owners with UST systems need to be sure that the system is installed properly, maintained as needed, and properly remediated when compromised. Some properties can contain USTs that are old and in a state of decay, leaking hazardous waste into the surrounding areas unbeknownst to the property owner. 

EIS provides underground storage tank (UST) assessments and closures for retail gas stations, state and county governments, manufacturers, real estate companies, and the owners and operators of commercial and industrial sites. Our licensing and expertise working on fuel systems have allowed us to complete hundreds of UST removals/closures and have a very high success rate for obtaining a “no further action required” status from state regulators.

  • Private, State, and Federal Tank Owners
  • State and Federal Regulatory Compliance