James A. Haley VA Hospital Solution

Research Building Remediation

Simpson Environmental teamed with two additional remediation firms to complete a tight-scheduled asbestos abatement and interior demolition project for the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, FL.

Three remediation firms that would typically be competitors worked together in perfect coordination to remediate three floors of the VA hospital’s research building simultaneously and meet required time constraints.

About the James A. Haley VA Hospital

The James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, FL was originally activated in 1972 and is one of the largest Veteran’s Health Administration hospitals in the United States. Among its facilities is a three-story research building that Simpson Environmental was called upon to perform asbestos abatement and interior demolition for remodeling. This work included 16,000 sq ft of ACM spray-on fireproofing and interior demolition on the third floor, completely “gutting” the building down to nothing but the original concrete slab and exterior walls. A large hole had to be cut into the side of the building for the removal of hazardous materials and debris to help protect stairwells and elevators from possible contamination.

Due to the tight time frame, JAHVH required this work to be completed, Simpson Environmental teamed up with two other leading remediation firms in the area to split the work into thirds. Simpson Environmental was responsible for the third floor, while the other two firms completed the equal-sized second and first floors simultaneously. All three firms had to maintain constant and careful coordination to share resources like heavy machinery, trucking, and disposal of materials to maximize efficiency and keep the project on time and within budget.

The COVID-19 pandemic went into full effect in the duration of this work, offering new challenges to Simpson Environmental and their fellow remediation firms while providing their services in a medical facility. During this time, special training and badges had to be obtained and held at all times to make sure the abatement teams were safe and the project remained on schedule.

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Asbestos Abatement

The companies of EIS have safely completed more than 35,000 asbestos abatement solutions at schools, hospitals, government sites, commercial and industrial facilities, and railroad sites nationwide. We work on projects big and small, from $5,000 to over $20 million, and are consistently ranked among Engineering News Record’s list of Top Abatement Firms in the U.S. EIS companies are licensed for asbestos abatement and removal across the United States with offices located throughout the nation. 

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With a fleet of heavy equipment, EIS’ demolition division is able to self-perform all aspects of demolition. In addition, we can service facilities nationally, with licenses in most states. Our niche is to provide complete abatement, structural demolition and earthwork services. EIS companies have a class A demolition license and the track record to prepare us for most challenges. 

Our demolition teams are experts in the science of precise and safe removal of obsolete structures, their components, and architectural finishes. We employ innovative and successful techniques in the areas of historical preservation, interior renovation, selective dismantling or total demolition.

EIS companies provide the seamless addition of performing selective and interior demolition for non-hazardous building materials. Whether the work requires the complete demolition of non-structural interior walls, ceilings, finishes and even utilities, or the strategic and selective removal of an exterior component or the creation of building openings, special care is given to provide clients with the schedules and precise coordination that addresses more of the total project operational needs.

All projects are performed with the utmost concern for employee safety and the specific technical and control requirements of the work. Because of our expertise in environmental cleaning, interior demolition projects are equally performed with stringent debris controls and the concern for limiting vibration, noise and dust. Many of our employees that execute this work are also experienced environmental professionals and all employees on the work sites have the necessary training, PPE and applicable OSHA certifications. EIS companies perform this work in commercial buildings, retail spaces, hospitals, industrial sites, governmental structures, military facilities and bridges across the nation.

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