Coating & Bridge Painting

The EIS Coating & Bridge Painting division is equipped and specializes in complex, large-scale concrete and steel bridges, industrial and commercial facilities. We apply a variety of advanced products to new facilities; and with our capabilities, crew expertise, and applicable certifications, we perform abatement of lead paint, encapsulation and overcoat systems. Overcoat systems oftentimes are much faster and more cost effective, yet provide a warranted, durable and exceptional finish.

When removal of existing coatings or surface prep to bare metal is required, chemical stripping can be employed as well as abrasive and/or water blasting and inside negative containments systems. Containment systems can be incorporated into temporary work platform systems suspended by cables, placed directly beneath the bridge. These systems can be installed for the purpose of dust and debris collection for other bridge repair and construction services too.

We offer lead-abatement of bridges and recoating services as well as new steel painting, new and existing concrete paintings, and all types of blasting and prep needed to meet the specification. Our services include cable and decking type work platforms/scaffolds for under bridge access over water or elevated structures. We can abate or encapsulate/overcoat bridges and other structural steel and perform hand tool spot abatement and water blasting to meet all specifications for restoration or aesthetic.

EIS Coating & Bridge Painting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead Abatement 
  • Bridge & structure painting
  • Suspended Scaffolding & Temporary work platforms
  • Encapsulation & Overcoating
  • Painting of new concrete bridges, walls and barrier rails
  • Anti-graffiti coatings and Bridge Deck Treatments.
  • Negative pressure containment systems
  • Scaffolding, cable and decking, rigging and access equipment
  • Water and abrasive blasting
  • Traffic control